Power of the Purse

In 2015, we were honored to contribute our “Cinderella Pumpkin” purse to the Pacific Northwest Power of the
fund raising event in Portland, Oregon.  Daria paired up with local philanthropist, Heather Killough, to create a truly one of a kind purse which combined with Heather's generous package, auctioned for over ten thousand dollars!  

At the event, our family realized that we had found our cause. As a woman entrepreneur with a 16 year old daughter, 12 year old son and a husband of 20 years, we realized that everyone in the family truly believed in this important cause--helping girls live up to their highest potential. Hot Skwash and Girls Inc. share much in spirit and history. 

The origin of Girls Inc. was a “...response to the needs of a new working class: young women who had migrated from rural communities in search of newly available job opportunities in textile mills and factories.” It takes eight pairs of loving hands to make a Hot Skwash silk velvet pumpkin in our Oregon studio.

The Idea

The response to our “Cinderella Pumpkin” purse exceeded our expectations and we wanted to keep the momentum alive with this aesthetic and cause. How could we tell our story, the Girls Inc. story, and keep contributing while expanding the visibility to reach more donors?

Introducing the "Girls Inc Collection" by Hot Skwash.  

For every purchase from this exclusive collection, Hot Skwash by Daria will donate 40% of the full purchase price to Girls Inc.  So you can directly impact the future of our girls with this incredible organization's leadership.  Available NOW.